Every preschool and primary classroom has different time, space and skill-building challenges. With Anytime Drama™, teachers can pick-and-choose any stand-alone activity, OR, they can choose to teach from one of two sets of completed lesson plans. The hard work is already done for you!

Choosing all 30 child-inspired themes, provides teachers with 150 completed 30-minute lesson plans and 120 completed 60-minute lesson plans for three age groups; 18-36 months, Pre-K and K-Primary.

Teachers can also create their own lesson plans by choosing from over 500 Common Core State Standards and NAEYC-aligned, explorative exercises that focus on the development of vocal, kinesthetic, foreign language and American Sign Language skills through the use of dramatic play.

Over 60 original songs, art projects and literacy lessons round off this amazing offering, making the Anytime Drama™ program fit into all preschool and primary programs with ease!

Follow the lesson plans provided, customize your years by theme or simply pick-and-choose an exercise anytime you need one. Anytime Drama’s versatility helps keep lesson plans fresh for two-to-three years for both teachers and students alike!

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Make My Own Downloadable Package for Age Pre-K

Create you own package. Only $35 per theme!

Make My Own Downloadable Package for Age K-Primary

Create you own package. Only $35 per theme!

Resource Guide - Electronic Download or CD

Includes - Lesson Plans, Instruction Guide & Skills Matrix