What Directors and Teachers say about Anytime Drama™:

"The curriculum meets cognitive learning needs by including elements of math, science and language – the whole thing is there! A teacher may find use for all resources in one lesson plan!

The curriculum is humorous, fun, smart and silly."

Shelly, Goddard Director, Worthington, OH

Love that they incorporated sign language and that they align each activity with NAEYC areas of development.

Goddard Teacher, Sparks, MD

Lullabelle Lane Productions allowed me to preview their Anytime Drama curriculum. I was so elated when I realized how easy it was implementing it into my already busy day. The songs, especially the marches, were great learning tools. The Home and Dinosaurs, Reptiles, and Frogs filled in gaps in my content. I am so excited to be able to use the entire Anytime Drama curriculum next year.

Betsi Spurlock, Special Needs Preschool Teacher, Westerville City Schools

The lesson plans easily prepared me to teach the curriculum. The curriculum has a good variety and balance.

Christina, Goddard Teacher, Worthington, OH

As a parent volunteer in a special needs preschool classroom, I was amazed how easily the children were able to participate in the Transportation “Move with Me” exercises. With no specialized training, I was surprised at how easy it was for me to glance at the material and turn around and teach it. Even more surprising to me, was how the material encouraged the children to use their imaginations to do these exercises.

Cheryl Bean, Parent Volunteer in a Special Needs Preschool, Westerville, OH

The exercises, like the bus and train activities, helped the shy students feel comfortable in the group. The curriculum helped find hidden talents among my students and it’s easy to pick up and use anytime of the day.

Thomas, Preschool Teacher, Worthington, OH

Includes multiple areas of development, even science which is one area many classes struggle with.

Goddard Teacher, Sparks, MD

Activities are very easy to follow and you don’t need many additional materials. CD is included for all activities with songs.

Goddard Teacher, Sparks, MD

I found the materials easy to use, fun and engaging for the children, and the activities supported very well the topics we were teaching. It was great resource that got the kids up and moving while learning. Brilliant! I certainly encourage others to take advantage of this valuable resource.

Pastor Mike Weaver

All Saints Lutheran Church, Worthington, Ohio