The Dramatic Play segment of the curriculum includes a variety of structured activities which are referred to as: Plays, Move with Me exercises and March with Me exercises. Dramatic Play is an activity designed to help children build self-confidence by inspiring them to use their minds as well as their bodies and voices. These activities teach children to follow directions and work as a team, but they also teach children important improvisational skills. Being able to “think on one’s feet” provides children with a unique confidence that can aid them in future life-skill situations.

Dramatic Play sparks children’s imaginations in an exclusive way by promoting positive social interaction and encouraging respect for others, while at the same time, developing a strong sense of individual, positive self-image for each child. This type of activity helps provide the building blocks children need to understand and embrace the world around them. Emotional development, social development and problem solving are spotlighted within Dramatic Play.

For verbal children, these exercises aid in helping them learn other ways to express themselves and for non-verbal children, these exercises provide an opportunity for alternate communication that makes them feel comfortable and confident in a group setting.


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